World Championships

Track Cycling World Championships

Track cycling is one of the most intense individual and team sports for international athletes. For online bettors, track cycling provides amble betting opportunities with straight forward and exotic cycling bets for each race. In the world of international cycling, the UCI track cycling World Championships are held each year where the best riders from around the world compete in a number of cycling disciplines.

The First World Championships were held in 1893 in Chicago. Back then the World Champs were split between amateurs and professionals with the professional World Champs taking place in 1895 in Cologne. The two events remained separate until 1993 when they were joined and both amateurs and professionals raced together in what is termed open races. The World Champs are open to riders that have been selected by their country’s national cycling association. Each cyclists competes in the colours of their home country and this is a great for locals to get in on the some Australian sports betting action to support their riders.

Medals and Jerseys

Every year, the World Championships are allocated to different countries. The host country’s national cycling association will host the competition with the judges provided by the UCI. The Winner of each discipline in the World Champs receive a gold medal and rainbow jersey. Winners retain their rainbow jersey which can be worn the following year in the discipline it was attained. Second and third placed cyclists are awarded silver and bronze medals.

World Champs Cycling Events

At the track cycling World Championships, riders compete in a number of disciplines including the time trial, the individual pursuit, keirin, team pursuit, points race, scratch race, sprint, team sprint and the omnium. In track cycling, each event requires a different strategy and strength. Some of the most exciting events include:

  • A time trial is a race over 1000 meters where cyclists compete on an individual basis against the clock to record the fastest time possible from a standing start.
  • The individual pursuit is a cycling event where two cyclist race over a distance of 4 kilometres (3km for woman) from a stationary position situated on opposite sides of the track. Each cyclist races to catch up to their opponent and complete the race in the fastest time.
  • The Keirin at the World Championships is a motor-paced cycle race where cyclists sprint to victory after following a speed-controlled pacer. The race is held over a distance of 2km with starting positions determined by drawing lots.
  • The sprint race is a cycling event where two cyclists face off against each other in an all-out sprint. Unlike the individual pursuit, sprint races have cyclists staring next to each other. The distance of the race depends on the size of the velodrome and ranges between 250 and 1000 meters.
  • A scratch race is a cycling event where all the riders start together and the first rider to cross the finish line wins the race. For men the race is usually held over a distance of 15km and for woman over 10km.
  • The team pursuit event is similar to the individual pursuit. Except in this race, there are between two sets of riders on each team that start the race from opposite ends of the track.