Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand

Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand by RTG

Even at the largest poker tournaments in the world, a seemingly endless amount of time would have to elapse in order for 52 hands to play out, but in Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand it takes mere seconds. This is thanks to the fact that players need only lay one wager and lay it down on all the hands they have in play.

Players will be dealt five cards facing up in Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand, and whichever cards are selected to hold will show up in the remaining hands as well. This allows for instant wins across an incredible amount of hands, and there are bonus payouts in place for play as well: a special payout which will multiply players’ bets by 2 000 will come in for four aces with a 2 through 4 sidecard.

Special Features for Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand

There are a number of special features available for players of Realtime Gaming’s Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand:

  • Players are able to replace all five of their cards with brand-new ones if they are unhappy with those that were initially dealt
  • A multiplication of as much as 4 000 times the bet is a possible payout if the maximum bet is in place
  • A multiplication of 2 000 times will be applied to the bet in place if players manage to build a hand composed of four aces with a 2 to 4 sidecard

Gameplay for Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand

Hitting a larger sized payout at the poker tables is much easier when playing as many as 52 hands at a time and this is precisely the opportunity that Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand gives its players. Players will need to select the amount of hands they wish to play before the game begins, along with the value they would like to set for their chips, and, once the deal button has been selected, the game will begin.

Players will only receive one hand of face-up cards, with the remaining ones staying out of sight. When a card is clicked on, it will be held, and this rule will also apply to all of the players’ other hands; selecting the draw button will replace all the cards that have been discarded with new ones dealt instantaneously. All of the face-down cards for the remaining hands will then be revealed, and any winnings that have been incurred will be added to the players’ accounts.

Depending on where players choose to take advantage of Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand games, various game customisations will be available. Play options include changing the speed at which the game unfolds; adjusting the volume of the various sound-effects; and the opportunity to enjoy the game in full-screen.

As the name for this game would suggest, Double Double Bonus Poker Multihand is the extended version of the wildly popular Double Bonus video poker game from RTG, and it has two added payouts for four-of-a-kind hands that include specific sidecards. The highest of these is four aces along with a 2; 3 or four sidecard, and the prize is half the value of the one awarded for a royal flush, 2 000 coins.